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Bitcoin rate approached $ 11,000. What will happen next?

Analysts and experts of our group of companies Pi Capital Union, explained the growth in value of the main digital coin, and whether it will be able to overcome the key mark.

05 октября 2020
How to use your blockchain: what to choose?

Before developing your own blockchain your team should clearly understand what the blockchain is for, and what budget you can allocate for its maintenance. Blockchain design and launch have their own nuances. They can be easily overlooked when planning if you misjudge the scope and complexity of the task.

02 октября 2020
OTC desk: how million-dollar cryptocurrency transactions are made?

Several years after the appearance of bitcoin in 2009, transactions with it took place only on the OTC market. Then centralised exchanges appeared but OTC transactions remained. Now, they are concluded on sites where users buy cryptocurrency fr om each other for small amounts, as well as on platforms wh ere it is possible to purchase digital currency in the amount of $ 50,000 or more. Konstantin Kolokolov, Chief Operating Officer of EX Pi, spoke about the specifics of the operation of such sites.

01 октября 2020
Pi Capital Union issues euro-backed stablecoin

The European group of companies Pi Capital Uunion has launched its own stablecoin in the form of an ERC20 token called EuPi, which is used in its multicurrency wallet and, in the future, on its own exchange. Each EuPi token is free from volatility and has an estimated value of € 1.

29 сентября 2020

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